Sustainabilty & corporate responsiblity 

Responsibility to the environment and societies in developing countries where the cocoa beans are produced is an integral part of our chocolatier's philosophy. Elysberg Confectionery's strategy is to try and avoid the palm oil in as much of their products at possible in order to help try and preserve the palm trees that are used to obtain the palm oil. It is Mr. Elysberg's personal conviction that the health of our environment as well as the various communities that he relies on for the unique ingredients that are used to produce the best chocolate available, is a corporate responsibility.  

"For more than 17 years, we bring the delicious Belgian chocolate to the market. With the tradition of a family business, we are loyal to the tradition but opened to the state-of-the-art innovations", as stated by Mr. Elysberg.

In our business, Angelica's Chocolates also feels a strong responsibility to our society and the environment. Therefore, that is why we have chosen the Elysberg Company as our chocolate supplier and their Emoti brand as our product. It is our goal to offer the best Belgium chocolate products that are as pure as possible and free of the high fructose corn syrup that has been linked to a number of adverse health issues. To achieve this goal, the Emoti brand we carry is handmade with only premium quality ingredients of 100% organic origin and are GMO free (no additional labeling necessary according to EU/1829/2003 and EU/1830/2003).

We are pleased to introduce the United States to the new flagship series of products that are free of the palm oil as it has severe negative impacts on the environment because its production leads to excessive deforestation and the loss of many animals' natural habitats in areas where it is produced, mainly in the developing countries.

We hope you enjoy these chocolates as much as we do and look forward to hearing from you about your emotional journey with the Emoti brand of chocolates!